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To be eligible for a resident license a person must all of the following criteria:
  • Have a domicile within South Dakota for at least 90 consecutive days immediately preceding the date of application for purchasing any hunting, fishing, or trapping license/permit. A domicile is a person’s established, fixed and permanent home in which the person physically lives, and, whenever absent, has the present intention of returning. 
  • Make no claim of residency in any other state or foreign country for any purpose
  • Claim no resident hunting, fishing, or trapping privileges in any other state or foreign country
  • Prior to applying or purchasing a license, transfer to South Dakota the person’s driver’s license and motor vehicle registrations.
  • Documentation showing a mailing address, ownership of a property or business, or employment in the state is not sufficient by itself to prove that a person has a domicile in or is a resident of this state.

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